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Here’s our latest report.

The “A” team at Mojoblanca is stoked about two new developments.

Firstly: Kudos to our partner in media crime, Roberto (That would be Robert G. Case to the rest of you) for his EMMY nomination for Outstanding Cinematography For Nonfiction Programming - WHALE WARS. He is a shooter, producer, cutter and director; Rob can do and does do everything... including running our DC office. We sense a big win for Rob on Saturday 12 September at the Nokia Theatre. The ceremony will be carried live by the E! television network.

Secondly: “In Africa,” an upcoming production of the true-life adventures of Kerstin Cameron’s unjust arrest for murder, her one-year harrowing time in a Tanzanian jail, and the subsequent acquittal and declaration of her innocence is still in play as a MOW for a major cable network.

Updating the Movie projects:

“Little Hercules in 3D” (Judd Nelson, Elliot Gould, Diana Venora, Richard Sandrak, Robin Givens, John Heard, Hulk Hogan) has been picked for a fall domestic theatrical distribution.

“Baja Beach Bums” aka “Pinche Burro” (Rini Bell, Kansas Carridine, Kenny Morrison) had its domestic DVD release May 5, 2009. (Both Trailers can be viewed at the “Missions” link above.)

That’s our story and we’re sticking with it… Out.



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